Equipment for Sale

In 2014 Turner’s Gymnastics, Inc. opened a second location.
It was (and is now) a brand new smaller and more efficient  gym in nearby Oaks Pennsylvania – the Oaks Gymnastics Academy. The concept worked well and all our classes are filled – new classes are being added. It’s a beautiful facility with premium amenities like central air conditioning and lots of natural light. Not everyone likes the “big box” “mega gym” concept. The original location in East Norriton remained OPEN.
Turner’s Gymnastics in East Norriton is OPEN and will remain open.
          BUT WE ARE MOVING.
Next month the original location will be moving to a newer, smaller and more efficient facility 1 mile down the road. We intend to replicate the new found success the Oaks location enjoys – including the central A/C which really makes a difference in the summer! The situation now is to downsize a 6,000 square foot gym to a 4,000 square foot gym. Here’s a list of equipment that will NOT be making the move to the new location when we replace all the mats and some of the apparatus with new:
42 X 42 floor exercise carpet – asking $1000 – good condition
the rest of the floor is scrap
Nissen Double Mini Tramp – asking $2500 good condition
about $7,500 new
Nissen Vaulting Horse / Pommel Horse – $200.00 good condition
Speith Anderson Uneven Bars – Short Cables / Small Footprint
          2010 S/A Coaches Spotting Platform 
S/A Metal Strap Bar – asking $2500 good condition
the whole “system” was almost $7,000 new – with 6-ACSYS cable,  so you can use the high bar as a single bar trainer
Elevated (34”) Tumbling Platform – 8’ wide / 40’ long / robust wood construction in 8’ sections – it all has to go.
Rod Floor / Foam / Carpet
UCS 32 inch above ground pit asking $2500 good condition
UCS 10” skill cushion 5 X 12
TWO Pond Twisting Belt $150 each / excellent condition!
THREE UCS 6’ & 7.5’ wide beam mats 15.5’ long BEST OFFER
Various UCS – 8”/10” skill cushions, 4” landing mat, folding mats.
Various Mancino – 8” skill cushions
All of this equipment will be available around November 24 (or sooner).
Professional relocation / installation is available.
Turner’s Gymnastics, Inc. hopes to REOPEN at our NEW location on Monday, December 4.
I can FaceTime anyone who wants a virtual tour live… or you can visit the gym if that’s an option.
All of the items are used, serviceable, some older than others – make me an offer before the team makes off with all the used mats!
Calls to my cell phone – 610.574.8400.
Thank you.
Brian Turner