PA State Clinic – September 29th and 30th

The PA State Clinic will be held on September 29th and 30th.

The clinic will be held at Girls Co-Op in Easton, PA

Athlete information packet (September 29th)

This is our 2nd Annual State Clinic for competitive USAG gymnasts.  It is open to any athlete level 4-8.  Gymnasts will take part in an all day camp experience, training on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Dance, Trampoline, Mental training and other fun activities.  We will welcome new and returning clinicians for each rotation from around the State and Region.  This is great opportunity to build relationships with gymnasts they will share their competitive experience with.  For those that participated last year, we hope to see you again, as well as some new participants!

Coaches information packet (September 30th)

Continuing education is a vital aspect to any job and the State is offering an additional learning environment for the second year to our PA gymnastics professionals.  This will include demonstrative mini clinics covering lesson planning, drills, and technical aspects of skill development for your compulsory-beginner optional gymnasts.  This day will include a short JO update and review of the new Level 6/7 Vaulting options.  Through demonstrations of the new vaults and review of deductions, you will be able to better prepare your gymnasts for the upcoming season.

In addition to note taking, we encourage you to create a dialogue with our presenters, review spotting techniques shown and be as interactive as you want. In the effort to remain consistent throughout the weekend, the presenters will be some of the same coaches your athletes will experience during the Saturday Camp. Our goal is to work together across the state and provide a fun learning atmosphere for coaches and athletes.