Letter from USA Gymnastics – Chapter 11

At this point many of you have received/read the letter from USA Gymnastics stating they have filed for Chapter 11. What does this mean for Pennsylvania Gymnastics? I had the opportunity to sit in on a conference call today at 5:00pm. We were told numerous times this should not impact us. The sentence is “business as usual”. All sanctions, congresses and educational courses will be conducted.

As for the State Funds – we were told all monies in our State accounts are ours and will be available. The State/Regional funds should not be impacted from the filing of Chapter 11. Those funds are a separate entity from USA Gymnastics.I would like to let everyone know, that I have prepared for this season and it truly is “business as usual”. All of our athletes will receive the same if not better experiences at their State competitions!

Stay focused on the sport that we love and the gymnasts!

As I receive any information, I will keep all of you informed.

Gymnastically yours,

Donna Guenther

Pennsylvania State Committee Chair