PA State Roster – 2019 Season

REMINDER: PA State Roster is due

All athletes Level 3 through Level 10 must be registered with Pennsylvania Gymnastics. The registration process is on Meetmaker. Log on to Meetmaker and then Scroll to PA Womens USAG 2019 Club Roster Entry. Fee is $2.00 per athlete paid with a credit card through Meetmaker. This MUST be completed by Feb.1, 2019 or you will receive a $25.00 per athlete late charge. This process is important. It helps all State meet hosts to determine number of athletes. Please make sure you mark your seniors. When they are registered in Meetmaker this also declares their level for States. Make sure you are thorough when registering. Athletes may only compete in ONE STATE Meet per season.   All State meets will be entered through Meetmaker also! Please register early! We have big numbers at all levels and the earlier the registrations, the earlier hosts can get the schedule completed.