Hi Everyone,
This week members of the Region 7 Committee were a part of a very informative call with the Executive Leadership Team at USA Gymnastics (you can see who the ELT is on the USA Gymnastics website).  There was a lot of information shared and we wanted to pass along some of the information we felt was exciting for you all to know.
1.  USA Gymnastics is currently issuing sanctions, people are beginning to run competitions and USA Gymnastics plans to continue issuing sanctions for the 2020/2021 season.  All sanctions are subject to your Local and State guidelines for hosting events.
**  There is A LOT of activity in the works here, including in Region 7.  Pilots for platforms are being tested, Rules and Policies are being adapted and updated, and the use of virtual sanctions for mobility and qualification purposes will also be addressed.  Please remember only USA Gymnastics sanctioned events can be used for mobility and qualification to USA Gymnastics events.  USA Gymnastics anticipates being able to issue virtual sanctions no later than October 2020!  Stay tuned for updates here!
3.  Contracts are being finalized for the 2021 Eastern and National competitions.  As soon as we receive confirmation from the National office we will forward this to you!  We are also moving forward with locations for the 2021 Regional meets as well!  No one knows how these competitions will look this year, but the hope is to have them – format TBD.  
As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your State Chair or myself!  

Region 7 Strong, 
Jennifer Bortz
Region 7RACC 
cell:  814-380-1195