Attention Clubs/Meet Directors:
As more and more clubs are hosting meets, and many clubs have switched their dates from year to year, it has become continually harder to supply judges to their meets as many of these meets are now scheduled on the same weekend.
PA NAWGJ has always tried to fill these meets, but this is getting more difficult. If you are going to host a meet in an outside facility I would recommend that you verify that judges are available before you sign a contract and then have that financial liability. The USAG judges request form states to secure judges 30 days before the meet, but just because this form says this it does not mean judges will be available at this late date.
Not all meets held in PA and DE are listed on the PA USAG website because there are league meets, YMCA meets, team inter squad meets and college meets that are not on the website.
Also, just because you post your meet on the PA USAG website you have not secured judges.
The process of assigning judges begins the middle of August, so we encourage all meets to have requested judges by that time.
There are 3 steps you need to take to secure judges for your meet – (1) Enter your meet on the Gym JAS assigning system ( meetdir.php)(2) Fill out the USAG Request for Judges form(3) Pay your assigning fee of $3/judge per dayNEW this year – you can now fill out the Request for Judges form online and pay via PayPal ( id=996)This fee can also be mailed – this info is on the Gym JAS assigning system listed above.
Please note that completing the 3 steps listed above does not guarantee judges until NAWGJ can verify that judges are available. 
Should you have any questions please email