Below are links to the Xcel Program for the 2013-2014 Season. (Reminder - There is no longer a PA Prep Program)

Please take note that several decisions have been made regarding the Xcel program in the state of Pennsylvania:
1. Pennsylvania will support state competition for the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Divisions only. You may offer the other division (Bronze) at your invitational or league competitions, but that Divisions will not qualify to the Xcel state meet. You may also opt to use those divisions  for in-gym training and development programs.

2. If you are hosting an Xcel competition, you must provide a 2-judge panel for the competitors to qualify to the state meet.  The chief judge must hold an optional rating.  The acting judge may hold a compulsory rating.

3. At the state meet, 2-judge panels will be used, and both judges will hold an optional rating.

4. To qualify to the state meet in either the Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Divisions, the gymnast must attain one all-around score of 33 at a qualifying competition.

5. Interest has been expressed in regional competition for Xcel.  It will not happen this year, and likely not next season. It will be under consideration by the regional board for the subsequent year.  A regional Xcel invitational for next season is an option.

Rules & Regulations and Regional Committee Chairs contact list

Rule Chart - Effective 8/1/2014
Vault Chart - Effective 8/1/2014