Attire at the Pennsylvania State Competitions

A reminder to all professional members in regards to appropriate attire at the Pennsylvania State Competitions.


 As per Rules and Policies, page 13, section D, line 2:

                Dress in appropriate attire that reflects the best image of gymnastics.  At State meets and above, the coaches’ dress code is as follows:

Athletic shoes with rubberized soles.  Athletic warm-up pants or “Docker-style” pants (no jeans)

Athletic or tailored shorts that are of a reasonable length.  No holes, tears or short shorts.  (Recommended fingertip length)

Collared shirts, business casual shirts or T-shirts with gym logo.  (No spaghetti straps, low-cut     tops or midriff revealing shirts.)  No hats or visors.

Also, absolutely no cell phones on the floor during competitions.  Please represent our sport with the respect that it deserves!


Thank you,

Donna Guenther

Pennsylvania State Chairman