Qualifying scores:


Level 3: 33.00AA
Level 4: 33.00AA
Level 5: 32.00AA
Level 6: 32.00AA
Level 7: 32.00AA
Level 8: 34.00AA IES 8.5 (No Qualification to Regionals)
Level 9: 32.00AA IES: 8.5
Level 10: 32.00AA IES: 8.5
Xcel Silver: 35.00AA
Xcel Gold: 35.00AA
Xcel Platinum: 35.00AA IES: 9.00
Xcel Diamond: 35.00AA IES: 9.00
Xcel Saphire: 34.00AA IES: 9.00


Level 8:               35.00AA                No IES Qualification

Level 9/10:         34.00 AA               IES 9.0 (No Qualification to Nationals) may prequalify with a 35.00 at any meet, but MUST attend states.

Xcel Regionals:   35.00AA at the State Meet, or a 36.00AA at any USA gymnastics sanctioned event (must submit a form)