Regional Xcel Training Camp

Hello Everyone,


R7 Xcel Training Camp info is on the region7 website and registration is open on meetmaker. PLEASE NOTE the new format this year.


Saturday 12-8 will be focused around the athlete (coaches must attend with athletes) following a format similar to what we have done in the past.

We are hoping that this time slot will allow for those travelling a further distance to do so without having to miss school. 


Sunday morning will be a Coaches only track where the season’s updates will be reviewed and coaches will gain insight on the xcel code from both a judge and coach clinicians’ perspective.  There will also be a hands-on spotting section and a Guest to speak about NCATA.  This is a chance for coaches to ask questions, build on their knowledge of sound basics and solid foundations for exceptional coaching, and connect with other coaches in the Xcel community.


Here are the direct links to the Meetmaker Registration:


Xcel Athlete Training Camp Registration


Xcel Coaches Workshop Registration


Brooke was kind enough to put together the attached pics and videos to share with your membership. I want this to be a meaningful camp for all in attendance, so please help spread the word by posting on your state’s website and distributing to your membership.  Let’s try to reach the gyms that need opportunities like these to help build their coaches and programs.  I appreciate you taking time out of your summer to help get the word out.


Thank you!

Jen Skorski